Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hair - Care today or loss tomorrow!!!

Everybody gets nervous with complaints of 'hair loss'. They try all sorts of treatments that are advertised in print as well as electronic media. Costly therapies and treatments are recommended, even with highly potent medicines such as Corticosteroids and Minoxidil and other such tonics for as long as two years. No long term benefits, but many end up with side effects.

Hair fall is a serious matter and hair loss at early age is the new generation's problem. Stress, wrong food habits, use of too much chemical colors, shampoo, detergents etc have created an imbalance in the body, result of which is hair loss. After falling of one hair, a new hair arises from the follicle near the root and hair grows at the rate of 15 cm per year. If the follicles near the hair roots are dead then it is very difficult to revive them. Daily care starting from early age can help postpone the progress towards baldness, Scalp irritations, dandruff etc should be treated immediately.

There are many reasons for hair fall, internal as well as external. Hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, anaemia, dieting, stomach problems such as acidity, constipation are some of the internal problems, while improper use of soaps & shampoos, hair colors, excessive styling and bonding, exposure to harsh chemicals, sun, pollution, sweat etc. are some of the external factors.

Inculcate right hair care routine right from childhood. Our Indian system of oiling the hair is one of the best natural remedy and hair care. Oil massage nourishes the scalp and strengthens the roots by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles thus encouraging hair growth. In case of excessive oily scalp, one can reduce the contact time of the oil to the scalp and wash with good pH balance shampoo. During adolescence oil massage hair & scalp at least once a week with warm oil, leave overnight (preferably) or at least one hour and wash. In case of using colors and chemical treatments, make sure you massage scalp gently so that the hair which is already damaged and becomes delicate is not damaged further. Avoid strong shampoos and conditioning masks. Nourish the scalp with herbal hair packs according to hair types. Space colorings & touch ups once in fortnight only. Leaving chemical colors too long than recommended on the pack will damage the hair and disturb the pH balance of the scalp. It can affect eyes, skin and health adversely.

Men should wash hair everyday with gentle pH balance shampoo. Oil massage once a week will relax the scalp, mind & body. Avoid colors with PPDA more than 0.5% to 1%. Baldness can not be avoided if it is hereditary but yes it can be postponed with proper hair care, diet and reducing stress in life.